Our procedure list is extensive. We cover for most cosmetic, plastic, dental, and fertility treatments. If you are unsure if your procedure can be financed with Pretty Penny Finance, please contact us today.

No this is not a requirement, you can contact us for an obligation free application so that you know how much you can borrow before making further decisions.

The quickest way to apply is to submit your application details online, or contact us on 1300 860 628.

The application process takes approximately 10 minutes and a Pretty Penny Financier will contact you within a few business hours of receiving your application. You can also contact us on 1300 860 628 to complete the application over the phone.

You will need to provide identification documents; this is usually your drivers licence, Medicare card, and proof of income as well as your two most recent pay slips. If you are self employed, we will need your last two years’ financials and Tax Returns. We may also require recent bank statement and loan statements.

For your convenience there is no requirement to see us in person. All documents can be emailed to you for viewing and signing, keeping the process online and simple.

Conditional approval is provided within 24 hours once we have received all of the required supporting documents.

Once your loan is fully approved, the lender will transfer the funds into the nominated bank account. In most circumstances the funds are transferred the day after your loan is approved.