Following a personal decision to undergo plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, cosmetic dentistry procedures, or fertility treatments, the financial path towards achieving your desired result can prove, for some, to be limiting.

Pretty Penny Finance offer personal loans with convenient direct debit payment plans tailored to your lifestyle and budget. With competitive rates and a simple application process, which remains confidential at all times, we help to eliminate the outlay of large, lump sum costs so that our customers can worry less about the money and focus on the procedure and recovery.

Pretty Penny Finance provide personal loans for:

Whether you have a desire to improve your health, your looks, your smile, your vision, or commence fertility treatment to grow a loving family, our team at Pretty Penny Finance offer exceptional customer service with a team of people committed to going above and beyond.If you have chosen a procedure that isn’t in our list, contact our finance team and see if you qualify.

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