Cosmetic Holiday

Cosmetic holidays are becoming increasingly popular for people wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad. Patients opting for this method travel abroad, have their considered surgery and recover in privacy before returning home to their day to day lives.

Popular world destinations for cosmetic holidays are:

  • Costa Rica
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Global statistcs show that approximately 11 million people travel across boarders to undergo medical procedures and can save anywhere from 20% to 90% from their homeland price.*It’s estimated that 15,000 Australians fly overseas each year and spend a staggering $300 million on medical procedures.* The industry has grown by 15% each year for the past decade as medical standards have risen offering both word class surgeons and hospitals.*



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Cosmetic Holiday Loans

Here at Pretty Penny Finance, we provide cosmetic surgery holiday loans to help Australians afford these often expensive and life changing experiences sooner rather than later. If you require cosmetic surgery holiday finance, contact us today or simply apply online now. Our friendly and experienced customer service team are here to help achieve your goals, offering fast and flexible financed packaged loans to suit your lifestyle.

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