Enjoy the Benefits of Partnership

Medical and Dental

Medical loans that work for your business

We all know the power that Plastic, Cosmetic, Dental and other Medical procedures can have on a person’s life. They often rejuvenate one’s soul, inspire happiness and boost confidence. Together we can help more Australians embark on this journey. However, the benefits of our partnership go beyond your patient’s satisfaction. It factors in your business, your time, your brand, your cashflow and your revenue.


Cash Flow

Don’t settle for payment plans that offer small monthly instalments affecting your cashflow. At Pretty Penny Finance, we ensure you get paid in one lump sum prior to your patients procedure. This way you can improve your cashflow to focus on wages, inventory, marketing and profit.



Revenue is paramount to a successful business and losing sales due to affordability doesn’t help. Pretty Penny Finance want to eliminate your risk of losing sales. Our payment plans are tailored to your patient’s budget giving you the benefit of increased revenue and business growth.



A service is only as effective as the people that support it. We listen to our partners and tailor our service to your needs. Our team are always available to assist, support and offer a service that you deserve.

A simple and streamlined service

At Pretty Penny Finance, we are proud of our product, our service and our team. Our medical loans offer excellent interest rates, same day approval and funding direct to you. Our simple and streamlined system shines a new light on innovation. As a partner, all you need to do is refer your customers to Pretty Penny Finance and we handle the rest. By taking the hassle away from your staff, it gives you more time to focus on your business while we deal with the customers behind the scenes to ensure their financial needs are met.

Hassle free

Simply refer your patient and we handle the rest. The funding goes direct to you.

Reduce risk

Stop losing customers due to affordability and let Pretty Penny Finance help!


With over 10 years experience, you know your patient is in the right hands.

Your customer is in the right hands

Low Rates

Great Rates

We reward good borrowers with great rates

Speedy Application

Just takes a few minutes



$2,000 to $70,000
6 months to 7 years


It’s Easy

Easy loan management, no early repayment fees, no early exit fees!

Take your business to the next level with Pretty Penny’s business loans

We all have the vision of what we want our business to look like and how it operates. We also know that business can be tough, jumping hurdles and dodging business bullets can slow the growth of any great company. It has never been easier to obtain the funds and re-track your vision.


Borrow up to $50,000 for 12 months
Unsecured, low rate working capital
Approved typically in 24 hours


Borrow up to $250,000
Terms from 6 months to 7 years
Unsecured or secured finance

Pretty Penny Finance offer working capital up to $50,000 and business loans up to $250,000 to all medical related businesses Australia wide. Unlike most small business lenders, our business loans are fair with low rates, no hidden fees or charges and fast approval meaning you can be capitalising on your investment sooner rather than later.

  • Purchase equipment or stock to grow your business
  • Attract new customers with a stronger marketing budget
  • Renovate or expand you practice
  • Upgrade IT systems or recruit staff
Low Rates

Low interest rates

We reward established, growing business with low rates


Minimal documentation and no security required

Simply Smarter

Affordable monthly repayments with no early repayment fees

Fast Approval

Get a decision and funds in as little as 1 business day