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Pretty Penny Finance is a specialised dental payment plan provider focused on assisting you to obtain a personal loan for your dental procedure. We understand the journey can be a stressful and costly, this is where we come in; we help our clients find the right dental payment plan and make the application process simple and streamlined. Our team behind the scenes are committed to going above and beyond with competitive rates, fast approvals and dedicated to taking away the hassle of getting an affordable dental payment plan.

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Low Rates

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At Pretty Penny Finance, our dental loans also offer a streamlined and hassle-free service. Pretty Penny Finance oversees the entire application process and organises the dental payment plan so that you can focus on the procedure.

The benefits
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When you apply for Pretty Penny’s finance, you will be designated your own personal loan advisor that will guide and support you through the entire process. They will discuss with you all of your options so that you clearly understand the process and you get the right payment plan that is affordable to your budget.

Comprehensive rates and flexible repayments
Fast approval and funding
$2000 to $70,000
We can fund your Dr directly
6 months to 7 years
No exit fees, no early repayment penalties.


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The monthly repayment for the amount you have selected would be:


  • Interest Rate: 5.75%
  • Comparison Rate: TBA

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We care about our client’s journey and the considered process it has taken to get this far. It is at this stage where we can come in to uncomplicated the process – untie all the knots – making it simple and quick to obtain finance so that you can remain focused on your procedure and personal recovery. We have the promise of a one-on-one relationship with your Pretty Penny team member through the finance process as we assist you to obtain finance so you can move forward with your journey sooner.


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For more information visit our page here or contact our friendly team on 1300 860 628 or email info@prettypennyfinance.com.au